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Should Food Banks Say “No Thank You” to Unhealthy Foods?

The Ottawa Food Bank has announced that they are going to not accept donations of chips, pop, candy and yes KD = Kraft Dinner!  

What do you think?  

  • Should it be “Beggars can’t be choosers” or that “Everyone deserves access to healthy food?”.  
  • Have you ever donated to the food bank?  
  • What do you normally donate?  Will this affect how and if you donate to the food bank?  
  • Do you think that this decision will make a food bank better or worse? Why?

Here’s the link.  Then come back and comment on one or all of the questions above.  I’d love to hear what you think!

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Foodie Fun Pen Pal Exchange

Genius ideas for foodies: penpals that exchange food through mail!  Ok this is fantastic.  I love getting mail that isn’t bills (who doesn’t?) and I love surprises and trying new things including FOOD.

So even though I cannot post my box contents until “Reveal Day”, I thought I’d share the blog and website that you can go to, to participate in the next month or exchanges.  It’s simple rules and I honestly can’t wait to do it again (and I haven’t even opened my box yet!).  It’s so nice to know that you are shopping for another foodie.  I get to share some of my fave products as well as learn about some new products.  This first time, I was paired with a vegan from Toronto.

Here is where you can sign up for next month (no time commitment so I probably won’t do it for a couple of months until I am more “free” to enjoy and blog about the experience again.

I thought you might like to at least look into it.  It’s well organized and minimizes cost (avg cost of food is $15 and shipping varies depending on what you are sending (think light!) and the size of the box/container you are sending it in (smaller is cheaper) as well as where it is being shipped to (you get paired with people closer to you and definitely in the same country USA vs Canada vs England).

Well, keep your eyes open next week for my post to reveal what I was sent.  I gave my penpal no restrictions so it will be interesting to see what I received and get to try!

Eat healthy and be happy!