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Metro Green Apple Grant – Healthy Eating Initiative!

Hey there!

I can’t remember if I finished my post from a long time ago…. but look! 

Metro, the grocery store chain, has changed its Green Grant that focused on eco-friendly ideas in schools (think reusable containers, gardens, outdoor classrooms) to HEALTHY EATING this year – the system is the same – submit an idea in Ontario or Quebec by a school member – principal, teacher, staff or parent – for an initiative that supports Healthy Eating!

I, of course, had an idea…. will blog about my past year of fighting against childhood obesity and even just empty tummies at school…… and here is the link of my idea – it was approved today!  So excited – and any suggestions or ideas would be fabulous…..

They are still accepting applications – so step up for your kids and your school…. send in a quick idea and you can have $1000 to do it!



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